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All the way from Gutenberg's modest yet ingenious printing press to today's modern laser printers, the act of printing has been transformed almost entirely. Almost every kind of printing in this day and age is done through laser technology. Getting a quality print depends majorly on the quality of toner that is being used. That and the very cartridge that holds the toner determines how well the prints will turn out.

Getting the right prints can easily become a humbling task for anyone. As we jostle with our expensive printers every day, we are unable to stop and understand how they work and what can be changed within them in order for them to perform better. Therefore it is essential to understand the components that lead to the actual printing and find a fix that will work for you.

Since printing and photocopying is done through laser technology and laser printing depends on the use of toner, it is essential to understand what toner is and how it affects us. Toner is the term used to describe the powdery substance that cast the final print on the surface on which the print is being made. This powdery substance is a mixture of sugar, iron oxide, carbon and a polymer. Toner is available in the form of a cartridge that is easily replaceable in your printer or photocopier.

Toner cartridges are available in black as well as color. The color print cartridges are made up of four colors that are mixed in different proportions to create almost any color while printing. The four colors in the color cartridge are cyan, magenta, black and yellow. Brother toner cartridges are some of the best quality toner cartridges available today.

Purchasing the right toner cartridge can be an important factor that decides the fate of your prints as well as the printer. A quality toner cartridge will not only give you better quality prints but also help in increasing the life of your printer. While purchasing toner cartridges from Brother it is essential to make sure that the cartridge is compatible with your machine.

Brother toner cartridges are extremely reliable and high quality cartridges that are an excellent choice for everyone. Additionally, Brother toner cartridges are cost effective and prove to be more affordable than other toner cartridges available in the market.

Brother toner cartridges are also available at www.printzone.net.nz that supports the Brother mono laser printer. A mono laser printer is a printer that prints in black only. These printers are a lot more efficient and produce better results. Prints done through laser printing form much sharper characters as unlike inkjet printers the ink is not absorbed into the paper. Mono laser printers can produce higher quality prints in a very cost effective manner.

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