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Buy affordable genuine and compatible Canon toner cartridges

The entire printer industry knows the name Canon and respects it as a manufacturer that only delivers high quality products. All genuine Canon colour toner cartridges are created in order to guarantee the best possible quality and the fastest printer time when paired with the appropriate multifunction or laser printer.

Specialists agree that in order to get the highest possible quality prints as a Canon printer owner you want to use genuine products. The original Canon colour toner will offer great prints and will keep the device at a perfect operating level. You will have no trouble and reliability is always guaranteed.

Why use genuine Canon toner cartridges?

Perfect Match With Canon Printers

Buying Canon toner cartridges from Printzone guarantees a perfect match with the compatible printer. Canon toner will seamlessly work with the intended Canon printer in order to offer the high quality and fusing performance that you now expect. Toner technology guarantees results that are 100% uncompromised. Users can trust the Canon colour toner for a long lasting printing quality.

Quality Guarantee

Genuine Canon colour toner cartridges offer a reassurance that every single cartridge will offer a truly exceptional performance. A refilled cartridge is not capable of living up to the Canon legacy as the internal components used will be fully or partially worn out.

Assembling and manufacturing any toner cartridge is a task that is complex. This involves hundreds of processes. Canon created a specific single automated production system that utilizes only state of the art technology with the sole purpose of creating cartridges of the highest possible quality, which is what the customers expect.

Eliminating Unsightly Lines

Using compatible Canon toner cartridges when you print some documents can lead towards problems. Photosensitive drum units included in cartridges are sensitive and are the most important parts of cartridges. When you use compatible cartridges that are not genuine, you can end up with lines that are not printed properly. Genuine cartridges manufactured by Canon guarantee a proper drum unit function. This guarantees documents that are clean and crisp every single team.

A Clean Workspace

Not many know this but Canon features a trademarked roller-charging technology. It is that technology that guarantees ozone free emissions. We gain access to clean technology that is completely safe for both the environment and humans. At the same time, it will make genuine Canon colour toner cartridges compact due to the fewer parts that are needed. You no longer need to go through specific processing or treatment for the cartridges as this is already done for you. All the Canon toner cartridges can be recycled as office waste. Alternatively, you can use the Canon recycling program.

The Problem With Compatible Canon Cartridges

Third party toner manufacturers will tell you that there is no difference between the compatible and the genuine Canon colour toner cartridges. This is not actually the case. We at Printzone are specialized in creating compatible cartridges and we still see the genuine models as being better. The problem is that many fall victim to scammers as they do not know how to identify the counterfeit cartridges.

You should know that the counterfeit cartridges are now packaged to look exactly as the genuine ones. Even if this is illegal, few actually know about it. Counterfeit Canon toner cartridges will not be able to offer the same quality as the genuine items.

As you buy genuine Canon colour toner cartridges, make sure that you look for the special hologram included with the colour change technology. There is also a genuine Canon logo that is present on the package's outside area. If you notice anything else, you are most likely being taken advantage of.

Buying Genuine Canon Colour Toner Cartridges From Printzone

Every single Printzone customer can tell you that you will only receive high quality cartridges and that you will get exactly what you paid for. All our customers enjoy fast delivery and when you buy genuine Canon colour toner, you will receive the full manufacturer warranty.

In order to buy Canon colour toner cartridges, simply browse this page or use the search feature to look based on printer or cartridge model. Then, choose what you want to buy and add it to the shopping cart. The checkout process is really fast and you will have no problems in buying cartridges from Printzone.

We do all that we can in order to make shipping as fast and as affordable as possible. All Canon toner cartridge orders will ship with a flat $7 per order fee. In the event that your order is higher than $99, you will receive free fast shipping. As you checkout, you can see all shipping costs and full payment necessary for the order.

All the orders will be despatched as soon as possible. In the event that a Canon colour toner is not in stock, you will be told when it will be back in stock. Most of our orders are shipped under 24 hours from when the order was paid. When there is a stock problem, you will be told about it and an estimated delivery date will be mentioned when we confirm the order.

Choose Genuine Canon Cartridges

Everyone agrees that you should choose genuine Canon cartridges and our team guarantees that the toner cartridges from Printzone will meet the high quality standards that you expect. You can trust us as we are one of the most popular stores in New Zealand, offering toner cartridges for the majority of printers possible. When it comes to Canon colour toner we guarantee that you will find something that you want. All our genuine Canon toner cartridges will offer the quality you are after and the warranty that is offered by the manufacturer.

Browse our site and make sure that you consider the free shipping deal we have available. All that you have to do is to buy all the genuine Canon toner cartridges that you need for a longer period of time. Alternatively, consider the other products to see if there is anything else you may need.

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