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Fuji Xerox's groundbreaking printer toners exhibit highly acknowledgeable technology. It gives fine and detailed printing quality in both, black-and-white and colour. Fuji Xerox toners often outdo traditional colour printers in terms of output and performance according to a recent online survey.  Users have commented that they are exceptionally good with enhanced colour gamut and stability. They are professionally rated as the best in the Aussie market.

Considering the popularity of Fuji Xerox printers nowadays in New Zealand, be assured that we have plenty of Xerox toners in stock.

We at Printzone, have everything Fuji Xerox for you. We pride ourselves as the market leaders in printer supplies for more than a decade now as our products are genuine and reliable. We have amassed thousands of customers over the span of almost 15 years.

At, we not only believe in attracting new customers, but also retaining our existing clientele as an essential part of our customer services. Our reviews section is a testimony to this.

Fuji Xerox is an electronics company with printing machines as one of its top selling products. Everyone wants to get fine quality print and rightfully so - Fuji Xerox should always be your first preference. The toner cartridges Xerox New Zealand will never disappoint you!

Print Supplier

At the Printzone online store, we provide printer supplies that are just right for your printer. We firmly believe in delivering our utmost best to you because besides being a worthy customer to us, you are treated as our valuable business partner too. We do realize that printing supplies constitute a significant portion of your budget and if we deliver you an optimal product that can save you money without compromising on quality.

Now to make that possible, we have two types of toners to offer. The first type is the authentic Fuji Xerox toners, cartridges and related printing supplies. The second type is the premium quality supplies that are compatible with your device. We assure you that both offer the same quality and are just as good as the genuine ones. Furthermore, they cost less.

If you find comfort in buying the original Fuji Xerox supplies and paying a little extra for it does not concern you much then, go for it!  Otherwise, we have the equally good substitutes readily available for you. Now it is on you to make the final decision as you deem fit!

Whichever type of Fuji Xerox toner cartridges you choose to buy, we are here to support your decision. Our customers are fond of us because we invest our time in satisfying them before and after they make a purchase from us. We promise you that once you start buying from us, our customer service is second to none.


Convenience is our ultimate goal and it is the most vital factor that not only made us popular among customers but also contributed to our success story. You may have been getting your printing supplies from a local retailer in the past, but that sure is a costly and a time taking procedure. In the end, you may not just get what you needed.

Here at Printzone, you will not have to worry about anything at all. There is no middleman involved and delivery is made right on time, hence eliminating the extra overhead costs involved in buying from a local supplier. We address your concerns about cost and convenience because we fully understand your business needs.

We understand that shopping online can be a difficult change for you to adapt to but a slight modification in your lifestyle will make your experience at our online store exciting and enjoyable. We have invested time and effort in creating a user friendly website for Printzone online store. Our website is very easy to navigate. All our different product categories are clearly highlighted so that you can easily click on the product you’re looking for. Its design is well organized, thereby saving you time and hassle. Moreover the Cartridge Finder is a fantastic tool that has made searching the product of your choice much more easy.

In spite of its user-friendly interface, our customers may have some queries about Xerox toner cartridges or other printer related products. Not a problem! Our customer service representatives are only a phone call away! You reserve the right to know and so we have answers to all your questions.

Shipping, Warranty and Return Policy

Shipping procedure and return policy are two major concerns of our customers. We never want our customers to worry about anything, so with the properly managed website, we also offer the best product delivery service. You can avail the most exciting concessions on our shipping facility.

For any cartridge purchase made over and above $99, we offer free of cost delivery at your doorstep. Now for businesses that buy in bulk, it is great news! You can enjoy substantial price discounts, all you need to do is to log into Printzone website.

Can you find a deal more appealing than this?

We promise delivery within 5 working days. It is safe and reliable! Our delivery service extends all across New Zealand. No matter where you live or work, we guarantee timely delivery of products so that your printing needs are not compromised. For distant locations, we may take a few more days but you will be informed well in time. For urgent delivery, you can avail the express delivery option at nominal rates. Our business is centred at punctuality and excellence!

We also have a remarkable return policy system. Our customers facilitate from our after sale services that makes return of a damaged or faulty product convenient for them. Customers can also claim warranty for any malfunctioning product. It is valid for up to 2 years, varying from product to product. Lastly, payment methods have also been made easier for you. Multiple online platforms such as PayPal and/or credit cards can be used for transfer of funds.

Fuji Xerox is a multifunction coloured laser printer that operates at top most consistency and reliability. Therefore choosing Fuiji Xerox colour toner from Printzone is a win-win situation for you. We always have plenty in stock. So now you can stay productive 24/7 with this cutting-edge printing technology.