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So many businesses rely on HP printers to carry out day-to-day operations. There is no way to deny the fact that HP printers stand out as some of the best in the industry. However, this does not mean that they are without flaws. Obviously, you will need to be sure that you have a good stock of HP colour toner cartridges in the warehouse and Printzone gives you access to everything that you may need in terms of quality genuine and compatible HP colour cartridges.

At our range of premium Compatible HP colour toner cartridges is bound to give you all that the office needs without having to spend a lot of money. In fact, we have some of the cheapest prices in New Zealand with many of the HP printer catridges and we intend on keeping it that way.

Compatible HP Colour Toner Cartridges

You are aware of the fact that Hewlett Packard recommends buying genuine toner cartridges but at one point you would consider using compatible HP colour toner cartridges instead. Our selection covers all HP business printers and we guarantee that the quality of the toner is as high as that of the genuine, at a fraction of the price.

Various misconceptions appear when talking about the compatible cartridges. We know that many stores offer items that are of sub-par quality. You will be happy to hear that the exact opposite is available at Printzone. You can easily take a look below at the extra information that is offered and you will realize that we take great pride in the fact that our compatible HP toner cartridges are among the best that you can buy in New Zealand. They are completely compatible and print quality is always guaranteed when you buy from us at Printzone.

Our range of compatible HP printer cartridges include popular toners like:

·         Compatible HP 128a Toner Cartridges


·         Compatible HP 125A Toner Cartridges


·         Compatible HP 126A Toner Cartridges


·         Compatible HP 645A Black Toner Cartridges


It’s important that before you purchase your cartridges, you ensure that they are compatible with your specific printer model. If not, your printer may malfunction. Use our Easy Cartridge finder to select exactly what you need. The models that the compatible cartridges cover are presented on the sales pages. Make sure that your selected cartridges are compatible with the HP printer you use in the office.

Why Pick Compatible HP Toner Cartridges?

There are many reasons why you should buy compatible HP toner cartridges from us. Our points are demonstrated as below:

1.      Excellent Support

No matter what compatible HP cartridge you buy from Printzone, you can be sure that you will receive support to assist you throughout the entire process. We will answer any question you may have and can even guide you through the buying process if you do not know what compatible HP colour cartridges would be needed for your printers.

2.      Quality

We understand that you want only the highest quality HP cartridges and this is exactly what our team at Printzone works hard to offer. We never sacrifice quality. All the parts used are up to industry standards and all the toners are formulated according to the original formula used by Hewlett Packard in order to guarantee perfect printing. At the same time, we guarantee the durability of the cartridges we sell.

3.      Value

We pride ourselves with being able to offer the highest value in our compatible HP cartridges for the price you are paying. This minimizes overall printing costs for any company and you can be sure that printing is always going to be of the highest quality. You will not have to spend large amounts of money on printing supplies bought from us.

For many of the compatible HP colour toner cartridges that we offer, the page yield is higher than what you get when you use genuine cartridges. This automatically means that the value of your purchase will be higher, especially since all our compatible HP cartridges are a lot cheaper than the genuine HP toners that you will find in most brick and mortar stores.

4.      Reliability

You can rely on our compatible HP cartridges at all times. With years of experience, we guarantee that all products offered are of professional standards. This means that you do not have to worry about messy prints or leaks that appear because of low quality toner. Compatible HP colour cartridges from Printzone will never break down and your HP printer will always function as it should, maintaining the Hewlett Packard standard.

5.      Best Colours

A potential problem that can appear with cartridges is that colours will not be printed accordingly. This can happen because of various reasons but there is no need to worry about it since our range of compatible HP colour toner cartridges will always offer proper colour reproduction and a high print accuracy. Simply put, excellent print results with adequate colours are always reality with every single sheet of paper that is printed.

6.      Low Melting point

This can be complicated to explain because it involves many technical terms. What you should know is that our compatible HP toner cartridges are as close as possible to the genuine cartridges, including low melt point, which is a characteristic of Hewlett Packard printers. We make sure that cartridges will maintain proper printing temperature, thus maintaining the high standard printing that is necessary

7.      Sustainability

Our compatible HP colour toner cartridges can easily be used to protect the environment. This is possible as they would help you to conserve resources and paper on every single print job that you need to go through.

The Best Cartridge Delivery Service

Apart from excellent product quality, we at Printzone also offer excellent delivery services. We understand that you need to get the products delivered as fast as possible so we do work hard to make that possible thanks to the delivery system we set up. You thus have access to the following:

Express Delivery –Your order will be prioritised and you can receive the package in a heartbeat. This can be very helpful, especially if your business cartridge is near depletion. With our express delivery, you can have your ink cartridges delivered faster than ever.

Constantly Stocked Store – Availability is imperative for quick delivery. Our team constantly analyses sales and client needs in order to guarantee that our stock has the HP colour cartridges that are needed, and when they are needed. Stocks are regularly replenished in order to guarantee that deliveries are as fast as possible and never delayed due to unavailability.

Discounted Delivery Charges – The clients that require bulk orders can take advantage of special discounted delivery charges. Free shipping is available when specific minimum purchase requirements are met.

Delivery Updates – Express or otherwise, we at Printzone always update you on delivery timeframe. We understand the importance of knowing the status of your purchase, which is why we ensure that you know exactly when the cartridges are going to reach your desired destination.

Good quality and diversity in our products have helped us establish loyal clients. Our swift delivery and efficient customer services have ensured that our clients pick us for repeat business. We welcome you to be the next customer and see first-hand why thousands already trust us on a monthly basis.

Shopping From Printzone

Over the years, Printzone has developed an excellent reputation for being the ultimate cartridge supplier in New Zealand. You do not have to take our word for it. Just read the reviews on Trustpilot. We have a diverse range of printer supplies and prices you won’t find anywhere else in New Zealand. Whether you are on a budget or not, we have everything you may need, ranging from the common HP cartridges to the rarest ones on the market. We understand the value of reliable and long-lasting printer supplies and we ensure that we deliver the best, without delay.

Obviously the checkout process is really simple. All that you have to do is look for the HP toner cartridges that you need and add them to the cart. The simple to use search engine makes this process really fast. After you double check the order, simply choose delivery details and make the payment. You will then receive your order accordingly. If you have any question, you can always get in touch and one of our specialists is going to help you.