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When you run out of toner, regardless of whether it is at home or at your workplace, finding a toner cartridge becomes an extremely challenging task. You may not be sure where the toner store is, or you may not have the time to go and buy one. But what if you can buy the toner sitting at your desk and have it home delivered too?

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There are a hundred arguments that can be made in favor of both ink and toner but the fact is that toners are faster, more efficient, offer better quality prints and are just easier to use. Toner is a substitute for ink. Ever since the concept of laser printing came into being, toner has gone on to become an essential part of the printing process. As laser technology takes over the world of printing, the need for quality toner cartridges increases. Toners are available from various manufacturers and for different machines.

However, choosing the right toner is a very important part of maintaining the health of your printer/ photocopier while getting the best use out of your machines. It is important for the life and wellness of your printer that you use only those cartridges that are made compatible with your machine.

Hewlett Packard is a big name in the printing world and HP toner cartridges are the best quality toner cartridges that are available in the market today. HP toner cartridges lasts a long time. The results speak for themselves. HP cartridges enable your printer to print the sharpest characters and images on to the page that is being printed.

Some things to keep in mind before buying a toner cartridge:

·         Before purchasing a toner cartridge, there are several things buyers must consider. Many toner cartridges are specific to certain models of the device that is being used. Buyers should also consider the intended use of the toner cartridge.

·         The quickest way to determine what kind of toner cartridge is needed is to look at the manufacturer’s part number. Most manufacturers will provide a way for users to find a part or model number in order to find the appropriate toner cartridge.

·         The manufacturer of the device will also have the specific type of toner that each device requires. The toner cartridges by the manufacturer are high quality and keeps your printer out of trouble. Even if you use it for personal use or informal printouts, opting for a cheaper cartridge may not produce fine detail.

·         When printing banners, flyers, postcards, or menus, users may require color toner cartridges. Generally, each color toner requires a different cartridge. The three colors used in color cartridges are cyan, magenta, and yellow. If the printed image has a green tint, the magenta cartridge is empty. If the image has a purple tint, the yellow cartridge needs to be replaced, and if the image looks orange, replace the cyan color cartridge.

·         Many manufacturers provide a yield value for their cartridges. This refers to the number of pages that can be effectively printed before the cartridge runs dry of toner. One-page text documents count as one page. However, if the user is printing charts, graphics, and photos, they may find that the cartridge will need to be replaced sooner than the suggested page yield. Cartridges labeled as high yield are usually the most cost-efficient cartridge in that they last longer than other cartridges.

·         When buying the toners online, you should keep in mind to buy from reputed ecommerce stores, that will provide you with value for money.

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Ready to buy genuine Hewlett Packard Toner Cartridges?

Just a quick tip to ensure a longer toner life for you, especially from Printzone:

Do not take the new HP toner cartridge out of the packaging until it is ready to be installed. This will ensure the cartridge gets the maximum toner life. Before installing the cartridge, give it a gentle shake to loosen the toner powder and to ensure that it is not compacted. When discarding the old HP toner cartridge, inspect it. Be careful when handling toner cartridges. Toner usually will not wash off of clothes. If users get toner on their hands or clothes, wash them immediately.

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