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Printing has made life simpler for a lot of us. Whether you are artistically challenged, too lazy to write or just plain short of time; printing has become an important part of our lives, not just professionally but also personally. The process of printing however is not a new one.

One of the very first printing presses was developed by Johannes Gutenberg around the year 1440. While Gutenberg's was a simpler model, today's printers have taken from it and with innovations over time have become what they are today. Printing is now much faster, better quality and easier.

The life of a printer has a lot to do with the components that you use in it. The cartridges for instance play a major role in improving the quality of output as well as the life of the machine. It is important to understand cartridges and the role they play in your printer's ability, so that you may be able to make the best use out of your printer.

Printer cartridges may be of two kinds - toner cartridges or ink cartridges. While HP toner cartridges are used for laser printers, HP ink cartridges are used in inkjet printers. The main difference between the two is the form of the ink in the cartridge. In a toner cartridge the ink is in powder form while in an inkjet printer the ink is in its liquid form and soaked into a sponge. The print head then uses the sponge to cast the print on to the paper.

While laser printers are a popular choice, inkjet printers are durable and long lasting. Some may argue about the benefits of laser printing over inkjet printing, it must be remembered that inkjet printers take from the very root of the conception of the idea of printing. Ink cartridges are refillable and therefore make it cheaper to use in the long run. Knowing your printer and understanding its requirements is essential for the life and productivity of your printer. Choosing the right cartridge is the first and most obvious step in that direction.

It is next to impossible to not think of HP while thinking about printing. HP is the most popular brand of printers there is and there is no question as to why they are the leaders in print technology. HP printers are hardy, durable, and easy to use and produce the best results out of all printers within their peer group. All arguments against HP printers seem to be invalid in the face of their sheer popularity.

In order to get the best results from a printer, be it any printer, it is essential to use the right ink cartridges. Cartridges are now made by every printer brand to suit the specific design of their printers. In HP's case the HP ink cartridges work best and produce the best results. It is the same for most other brands as well. While purchasing ink cartridges one must note the kind that is compatible with their printer.

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The website is designed in a way that is easy to navigate through and is able to provide you with all the information that you might need. The products are listed categorically and the search filters make it easy to navigate through the entire range of products. Our products include a number of Hewlett Packard ink cartridges, Canon products, Brother printer supplies etc.

In this day and age it is really pointless to spend your time and energy hustling from one store to the other looking for that one specific product that you need. Online retailing has revolutionized the buying process. In the spirit of embracing the times and the changes they bring, Printzone has created a one stop buying portal to meet all your printing requirements. Buying is now simply one click away!

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Making online payments through Printzone is safer than ever before. We allow you to choose from a number of payment methods including Mastercard, Visa, American Express and direct deposits into our bank accounts. Our intention is to make online shopping as simple and easy for you as possible.

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