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Buying Quality Lexmark Ink Cartridges From Printzone

Printzone is happy to give you access to one of the widest selections of quality Lexmark ink cartridges in New Zealand. We at Printzone are happy to be considered as being the favourite printing supply providers since 1999.

All you have to do is use our cartridge finder and you will find the Lexmark ink cartridge model that you are looking for. It’s that simple.

Every single product presented is going to give you the quality that Lexmark is well known for.

Lexmark printers are renowned globally because of the quality that is offered. Lexmark’s technology is top notch and innovative with close attention to details that will help the end-user print with ease. When you buy genuine Lexmark printer ink from us you have an advantage as printing will be reliable, consistent and the quality will always be at a professional level. Even more interesting is the fact that most of Lexmark printing supplies boasts environmental sustainability, which is more greenhouse effective than that compared to the other popular brands.  

Genuine Lexmark Printers Love Genuine Lexmark Ink Cartridges

Lexmark clearly state the fact that every single product that is created is designed with excellence in mind. This means that highly rigorous quality standards are respected and that all the genuine cartridges will offer an image quality that is far superior to the competitor brands. The cartridges are designed to be long lasting with perfect compatibility with the Lexmark printers that they were designed for. As opposed to many other online stores right across New Zealand, we offer the widest possible selection of genuine Lexmark ink cartridges for both businesses and home office users.

In order to check if your Lexmark printer cartridge is genuine, all you have to do is visit the official website of Lexmark. You will then see a list of security features that are added to the printer cartridge model that you are currently interested in buying. With Printzone you can be sure that all these elements will be present. Without a doubt, all the documents that you are about to print will have a professional appearance that is aimed to impress.

The quality that is offered by Lexmark is practically guaranteed by a 100% patented print system made out of components that are going to work together in order to offer a truly long term reliability. In addition, you save time, protect the environment and save money. Those interested can even participate in the LCCP (Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program). This industry leading recycling program is available for all genuine Lexmark cartridges, including toner cartridges.

Compatible Lexmark Ink Cartridges

The official manufacturing of Lexmark ink cartridges was ceased back in 2012. Lexmark decided that it would just support the toner production component instead of the ink. Eventually, Funai Electric Company LTD bought the Lexmark ink cartridge manufacture technology. This sale led towards a misunderstanding that was associated with what was offered on the market and led towards the appearance of various firms that did all they can to take advantage of the reputation of the Lexmark brand.

The good news is that you can still purchase compatible Lexmark ink cartridges on the market. The bad news is that you can easily buy items that are not going to offer the quality you are currently after. We at Printzone make sure that this is not going to happen through a 100% transparent policy. Every single one of our Lexmark printer cartridges in stock will feature a product description that will highlight the manufacturer and the type of cartridge that you would wish to buy. Please do read the product description before you buy in order to be sure that you do not end up purchasing a product, which doesn’t match with your requirements.

If you decide to go with compatible Lexmark ink cartridges, the most important thing is being sure that quality is going to be guaranteed. Prices are going to be lower than with the genuine models. This means that you can save a lot of money. However, if the quality of the ink is lower or if the parts used during the manufacture process are of an inferior quality, you could end up damaging your Lexmark printer. Because of this fact, we do guarantee that it will never happen with a purchase from us. Every single Lexmark cartridge presented at Printzone will offer the quality, which is above the industry standard. This is not the case with all the other deals that we have on offer so do be sure that you take advantage of the quality we give you access to. You can shop with confidence at Printzone.

Buying Lexmark Ink From Printzone

One of the reasons why we are the preferable online printer cartridge retailer in New Zealand is the fact that our shipping policy is highly advantageous for our clients. We offer great prices at a high quality service and the greatest range of Lexmark ink cartridges on the market. In the event that you do not find what you are looking for, contact us and we will see if we can get you what you need. Also, get in touch whenever you have doubts about your order. We can help you choose the best possible Lexmark ink cartridge and you will love the quality that is being offered.

There is a flat rate shipping charge of $7, which is waived for orders over $99 – New Zealand wide. Alternatively, you can pay more for faster shipping like our express shipping. In the event that your order is of a minimum of $99, we offer express shipping free of charge. You can take advantage of the fast shipping offer when you buy any number of cartridges from us. The offer is not limited for orders that just include Lexmark printer cartridges. You just have to have an order that sums up to an amount that is higher than $99. Buy all your printing supplies from us and you can take advantage of our many extra discounts. Just check the product pages and you will quickly notice them.

After your order is confirmed, the Lexmark ink cartridges will be delivered as soon as possible. The only situation when this is not the case is when the cartridges are out of stock. However, when this is the case, it will be clearly stated on the product page and you will be aware of it. We ship our cartridges through New Zealand Post, together with other couriers based on items and destinations. We essentially work hard to offer a truly reliable and efficient service in all major cities of New Zealand.

Every Lexmark Ink Cartridge Order Comes With A Warranty

All items that are sold by us at Printzone have a 100% guarantee. When referring solely to buying Lexmark ink from Printzone, you should be aware of the fact that the cartridges are guaranteed to show no defects in workmanship or materials. If such a situation appears, you will have to contact Lexmark New Zealand directly. In the event that there are different warranty policies that are in effect, this will be clearly highlighted on the product description page.

Buying Lexmark Cartridges From Printzone

In order to give you access to a perfect online cartridge shopping experience, we simplified the checkout process. The Printzone team made it really easy for you to buy exactly what you need. Just follow these steps in order to buy your Lexmark printer cartridges:

·         Use our search (The Cartridge Finder) in order to locate the Lexmark ink cartridges that are compatible with your printer. Use the search by printer model or by cartridge model number in order to identify the deals that are currently available.

·         Choose the cartridges that you want to buy and add them to the cart.

·         Add your shipping address and fill in the shipping form.

·         Make the payment

·         Your order will be delivered as soon as possible, according to our shipping policy.

It should be noted that we will contact you in some situations before the order is processed. For instance, if a specific Lexmark ink cartridge is not in stock but you had ordered it, we will call you to tell you exactly when the order will be shipped.

On the subject of getting in touch with Printzone, we want to hear from you. Make sure that you always get in touch when questions appear or when you have doubts about the choice you are about to purchase. We recommend that you always buy only when you are sure that you receive exactly what you want.

Buying Your Lexmark Cartridges Now

No matter what time of the day it is, the orders would be processed during New Zealandn business hours. Look for what you need, buy it and we will take care of the rest!

After your purchase is complete and you start printing from the Lexmark ink cartridge, please write us a review on your entire shopping experience. As you can easily see from the sidebar on the left part of the screen, we have a TrustPilot review that is amongst the highest rated review system in the industry. Always write a review about the purchase to let future shoppers know how we assisted you. Most of our customers are repeat clients because of the quality that we manage to offer on a consistent basis.