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Quality Genuine Lexmark Toner Cartridges

Lexmark has been a highly lauded and recognized leader in the imaging industry since 1991. The company has been helping organisations and personal users to reduce operation costs and improve the printing process for a period of time. Lexmark colour toners are synonymous with quality imaging and outstanding output technology and are constantly improving.

At the moment, colour laser printer cartridges from Lexmark are being sold in over 170 countries, making the company a global leader based on today's facts and figures.

Unison Toner - The Secret Behind Lexmark Genuine Consumables

Lexmark toner cartridges include Unison toner, an advanced toner science that is very powerful and that consistently delivers a completely outstanding quality for all prints, amazing sustainability, system reliability and much more.

Time Savings

Toner cartridges from Lexmark are designed for an increased productivity and high performance. The print system that uses Unison toner has a specific formulation that allows the printer to start working sooner when compared with most of the competition. There will be absolutely no time that is wasted when you want to print a document.

An Innovative Design

The unique formulation inside Unison colour toner cartridges offers special performance attributes and special characteristics that enable shake free performance. Many key product features become available solely because of the design.

Supply Features

Unison Lexmark genuine consumables increase the efficiency of the printers by alerting you whenever supplies start to get low. In the event that the toner quantity is too low, the Lexmark printer estimates the number of pages that you should expect to print. This feature tells you exactly when you need to start looking for a replacement cartridge.

Advantages Of Using Lexmark Colour Toner Cartridges

Outstanding Image Quality

Unison toner allows you to always be 100% sure that print quality will be outstanding while office productivity is drastically increased. A document printed with a toner cartridge from Lexmark will always be perfect because of the unique engineered formulation.

When printing in monochrome, the toner cartridges will offer smooth grays and rich blacks with all crisp details. When printing in colour, Lexmark toner cartridges offer vibrant and rich colours with really precise details. What is really interesting is that even when you are faced with a low colour cartridge, you still see zero fading and complete reliability is guaranteed.

Increased System Reliability

The Unison toners will offer low friction during printing, thus increasing toner flow and guaranteeing that toner will be properly transferred to pages in an efficient way. Internal wear will always be reduced, thus increasing the life of all components while protecting the entire printing system.

Lexmark printing systems include separate imaging and toner unit designs together with high yield fuser. Such components have a maximized longevity and reliability is always long term. Users get to save money, time and protect the environment.

Increased Sustainability

Lexmark manages to increase sustainability, based on a study that was done by Life Cycle Study. It was proven that the per-page carbon footprint was closer to 50% smaller than what the competition offered. Less energy is used when printing as the prints are done at a much lower temperature. This included advanced toner science transforms energy savings into a reality.

LCCP & LECP - Lexmark Collection And Recycling Program

Printer users that want to make sound environmental choices can easily trust Lexmark genuine colour laser printer cartridges. In fact, Lexmark strives to offer a truly environmentally responsible line of colour toner cartridges.

An example can be given in the Live Cycle Assessment program. This basically means that all products designed by Lexmark aim to meet high performance and efficiency standards while having a minimal impact on the environment during every single life cycle.

Lexmark has won various awards, including the 2012 Manufacturing Leadership Council's Manufacturing Leadership 100 Award For Sustainability because of the cartridge recycling processes.

Refilled, Recycled And Remanufactured Lexmark Colour Toner Cartridges

We at Printzone realise the fact that genuine cartridges for your colour laser printer can be expensive. Because of this, we also give you access to alternatives that are cost effective and maintain the same high quality standards you would expect.

The problem is that whenever talking about remanufactured cartridges, many do not know anything about these opportunities. When referring to the Lexmark alternatives, here is what you have to know:

Recycled Lexmark Toner Cartridges

When saying Recycled, we refer to a highly generic term. It does not necessarily relate to the technology or the process that is used in order to manufacture the product. What it usually refers to is the fact that the colour toner cartridge is not a new original one. It is actually produced with the use of some materials and parts from products that were already used. A part of the cartridge was basically produced with the use of materials or parts that were recovered from other Lexmark colour toner cartridges. Only Lexmark genuine consumables will be used for the recycled cartridges.

Refilled Lexmark Toner Cartridges

When saying that a cartridge is refilled, we mean that the remanufacturing process is made out of gaining access to ink or toner containers. In the event that there is no hole already present for refilling purposes, a new one will be made. In some situations you have to partially disassemble the colour cartridge. The process is not at all difficult to go through but technical knowledge is always necessary.

You can buy a refill kit for the specific toner cartridges that you have and perform the necessary tasks at home. Lexmark actually uses a simplified manufacturing process that allows really fast refilling.

Remanufactured Cartridges

Printzone offers various different options for those looking for Lexmark colour toners, including the highly affordable remanufactured cartridges. Such a cartridge is highly recommended because of the lower prices that are possible. The remanufactured Lexmark colour toners went through the following steps:

  • The cartridge was disassembled
  • The components were inspected, separated and then cleaned
  • A brand new drum was installed
  • A brand new wiper blade was installed
  • A brand new magnetic roller was installed
  • The container for the toner was filled with brand new toner based on original specifications
  • The special toner container is sealed in order to prevent a leakage with special pull-out strips
  • The cartridge is reassembled and then tested in order to be sure that quality standards are respected

All the toner cartridges Lexmark offers are renowned and respected in the industry. You can expect exactly the same with the Printzone remanufactured colour toner cartridges. We guarantee that absolutely all the domes will be completely filled so that you are sure you can print as much as you could with the original ones.

Buying Lexmark Colour Printers From Printzone

We do all that we can in order to guarantee that the quality offered is always as high as possible with both genuine and remanufactured Lexmark colour toners. There are various reasons why you should seriously consider buying toners from us. This includes the following:

  • Special Deals

    Every single day we have dozens of special deals that are available for those looking for high quality laser printer cartridges. Before you buy a compatible or genuine cartridge, make sure that you look for the potential deals that are currently available for you.

  • Guaranteed Quality

    Take a look at the reviews that were written by our Printzone customers. You will quickly notice that the satisfaction associated with buying colour laser printer cartridges from Printzone is always rated highly leaving little room for dissatisfaction. In the event that you have a problem with your purchased cartridges, you simply get in touch with us and we will resolve that issue.

  • Never-ending Stock

    We constantly monitor our stock in order to be sure that you will receive the cartridges that you want in a short time.

  • Fast Shipping

    Printzone has different warehouses located all throughout New Zealand. This guarantees that all the Lexmark toner cartridges you buy will reach you in the shortest amount of time. We have warehouses in Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane.

  • Convenient Shipping

    We at Printzone always do our best in order to ship the Lexmark colour toners as fast as possible. Any cartridge order under $100 will cost you a small $7.95 shipping fee. If your purchase is higher than that, we will ship the cartridges to your home or office in New Zealand for free.

We invite you to browse through our selection of genuine and compatible Lexmark toner cartridges. Simply use our easy cartridge finder that helps to quickly locate those models that are compatible with the printer that you need consumables for. Make sure that you do not forget about the special deals. We often have specific cartridges that are offered at a huge discount thanks to the deals that we have with reputable cartridge manufacturers and from Lexmark.

Printzone features all the needs that you have for your Lexmark printer.

After your purchase, make sure to write us a review so that you can let others know about the experience you had.