The laser printer and inkjet printer market is more robust than ever, expanding quickly with new technology and finer ink and prints than ever before. 

The marketplace is booming year on year, so keeping up to speed with it can be challenging, especially if you are not an expert in the field. 

You still have the leading manufacturers we are all familiar with that have been household names for a generation or more. Still, there are many new players on the scene.

Some might say the market is somewhat saturated, especially with laser printer all-in-one machines. However, with technology in constant flux, new clientele will always be looking for something different, and manufacturers can go into research and development to fill that gap.

The key in a vast and expansive marketplace like print is to know your goals and expectations first.

Finding a suitable stockist and advice is critical. Having that information at hand before you venture out to commit to what will be a long-term investment, you need the right direction. 

At Printzone, we have years of experience in this evolving marketplace. We have seen new inventions come and go and been bypassed by innovations that have made the best laser printer at the time obsolete within 12 months.

So we are here to first listen to what you do, the audience for which you are looking to produce documents, and in what context. With this information, our trusted and experienced employees are at hand to compile options for you. These will help you understand the positives and negatives of each and weigh up productivity and cost over the long term.  

Remember, it is best to listen to experts first. 

Many customers have seen clever, inspiring marketing and have already decided to buy a laser colour printer, a Brother laser printer, or even an Epson laser printer. Primarily you need to know what will work for you,  which could NOT be any of those. 

A unit needs to be reliable, produce what you want and be as cost-effective as it can be for your budget, and at Printzone we have the biggest selection in the country. 

Here are some frequently asked questions our staff, both in our stores and online, get asked.

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