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Buying The Best Samsung Toner Cartridges From Printzone

We understand the fact that buying Samsung toner cartridges is not as easy as you may think. You want to be sure that you are going to find the quality that you are after and we guarantee that our team at Printzone can offer exactly what you need. You will love the quality that is offered because of the experience that we have.

Let us think about the various things of interest for every single person that wants to buy the very best genuine Samsung toner cartridges. This will make your choice a lot easier at the end of the day. Making a mistake when buying toner cartridges is something that is always possible because of a lack of knowledge about the subject.

The Biggest Mistake You Could Make

Contrary to what you may think, it is easy to buy counterfeit Samsung toner cartridges. The people that want to take advantage of you are much more experienced than you may think. They can make the cartridges look just like the originals. You want to be careful and always look for the signs that you would receive the quality you are after.

You do not want to buy cartridges that are not genuine because of a really simple reason: the quality hat you receive when you buy a compatible cartridge is normally low. To make matters even worse, if the cartridge is labeled as being genuine and this is not the case, you may receive something that is faulty. It is actually possible that you receive a cartridge that is going to ruin your printer. That is something that is much more common than what you may think at the end of the day.

Counterfeit cartridges are really bad because:

  • The toner that is used is of an inferior quality
  • Parts used are not properly checked - this is what can hurt the printer
  • Cartridges will drip, leading towards smudges on prints
  • Printer warranty will be voided because of using a cartridge that is not properly compatible

When you buy genuine Samsung toner cartridges from the internet, everything becomes more complicated. You cannot put your cartridge in your hand so you want to always focus on other facts that will help you find high quality genuine Samsung toner cartridges.

Shop Online With Caution

This is basically the very best thing that you can do in order to protect yourself from being taken advantage of. Although we have a great shipping and handling deal, giving access to free shipping on all orders that are higher than $99, you can even use this rule with the genuine Samsung toner cartridges that you buy from Printzone. We want to prove the fact that you can trust us. Most of our clients are repeat customers and we ship to dozens of business offices all throughout New Zealand.

The Security Labels

This is the most important thing that you need to remember about genuine Samsung toner. After you receive your online order, you will want to take a look at the security labels that are present. Samsung has really strict rules that have to be respected for all the genuine cartridges. A genuine cartridge that is manufactured by Samsung will feature embossed security labels. They need to always be intact when you first take a look at the cartridge. Also, if you hold the cartridge at an angle of sixty degrees from your eyes, its color will change towards cyan or blue. You will start to see the Samsung name embossed right on the label. It will be felt when you touch it.

In the event that you see that you receive genuine Samsung toner cartridges that are not actually featuring the security labels or that have security labels that are not in a proper condition, you want to work with another online store.


Many believe that when they see a great price tag, the deal is too good to dismiss. That is not actually the case. We at Printzone do all that we can in order to offer the best discounts that are possible. You will surely appreciate our prices but we have to warn you that in the event you see genuine Samsung toner cartridge deals online that are much lower in price, you are most likely looking at a fake deal.


When buying genuine Samsung toner cartridges, even the packaging counts a lot. You will never receive a genuine cartridge that is shipped in a packaging that is generic or simply white. If you buy genuine cartridges from Samsung and the packaging is plain, without showcasing a serial number, you are actually looking at compatible or remanufactured cartridges.

We also sell compatible and remanufactured Samsung toner cartridges. However, every single item of these kinds will be clearly marked as being compatible or remanufactured. All genuine models are actually genuine.

Store Reputation

This is basically the best way to be sure that you are going to actually receive genuine Samsung toner cartridges from an online store. You want to be careful and make your choice while not thinking twice about the reputation of the store. The main reason why people buy from us is that they can trust us. In this industry, reputation is really easy to lose but very hard to gain.

It is really important that you always take a look at the reputation of the store. Read all the reviews that are written by past clients and that you can find on the internet. The more you know the store, the higher the possibility that you cannot be taken advantage of.

Any Questions?

We will answer all questions that you have about the genuine Samsung toner cartridges that we sell. We will help you to make the best choice for you in the event that you do not know what that choice is. All that you really have to do is to contact us as soon as possible. A professional will respond and will guide you through all the answers that you require.

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